Promoting innovative Smart Metering Services

Smart Metering is a new electronic measuring technology, continuously registering individual energy consumption and contributing to improve the invoicing system and also to informing the customers in detail about their energy consumption at any time. The objective of the "SmartRegions" EU project is to support the innovative Smart Metering Services, such as informative invoices and feedbacks, variable tariffs and load control, enabling people to save energy and supporting the net integration of renewable energy sources.

The "SmartRegions" European project supports energy suppliers, energy service providers and the European legislation to promote the development of innovative Smart Metering Services and thus modernises the power supply system and to contribute to involving renewable energy sources. It is financed by the European Union within the scope of the programme of "Intelligent Energy – Europe".

Supporting Cost-Benefit Analyses

The third EU Energy Domestic Market Package requests that by 2020 80% of all households have intelligent power-measuring devices installed, dependent on the national cost-benefit analysis. SmartRegions supports legislators and lobbies in this evaluation by defining the relevant economic, ecological and social criteria, and by having an internet-based tool for the cost-benefit analysis of Smart Metering Services developed. 

Communication of Showcase Examples

In order to support a market-based introduction of the innovative Smart Metering Services, successful showcase examples are selected from the individual EU countries and presented as SmartRegions Models. A SmartRegions website, brochures and national conferences will be set up to this end. Relevant “roadmaps” are set up for such member countries, where the regulatory framework conditions and Smart Metering technologies have not yet been developed that far. 

The Austrian Energy Agency published the Smart Metering Landscape report in February 2011. This report contains extensive country profiles of all EU member countries and Norway as well as an overview of innovative services that can offer customers more information on consumption as well as lead to a reduction in peak loads. 

Recommendations for political framework conditions regarding Smart Metering Services are then drafted in the next stage. Developing national and European guidelines should thus be supported and the introduction of Smart Metering services promoted.

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