Renewable Action Plan Vienna

The Renewable Action Plan Vienna is a strategy and measure plan, following the SEP (Energy Efficiency Plan for Towns), serving as a conceptual frame for implementing renewable energy carriers in Vienna, by considering specific aspects of being integrated into existing systems (e.g. district heating).

The central focus is on working out and formulating a catalogue of targeted measures and actions, as well as executing and scientifically accompanying the process of coordination and stakeholders thus provided, building on already existing work, concepts, plans and implementation activities.

The measures and actions are being prepared for a period running up to 2020. By developing the plan of action, the following renewable energy carriers in particular are taken into consideration:

  • Sun energy: Photovoltaic and solar thermal energy
  • Organic waste
  • Geo thermal energy (geo-thermal power for electricity and heat production, surface geo thermal power for heat utilisation, tunnel thermal power, utilising the heat of waste water)
  • Hydropower (also drinking water power plants, waste water power plants)
  • Wind energy (large wind energy plants, small wind energy plants)
  • Bio gas (in a regional context)
  • Bio mass (central and de-centralised use)

The "Renewable Action Plan Vienna" will become an important integral part of the safety plan for the energy supply for Vienna.

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