Working for the energy of the future

The Austrian Energy Agency prepares the ground for decisions in politics, public administration and the industry with detailed research and by highlighting important dependencies and connections between topics. It also provides information for all target groups in our society on the backgrounds and developments in the field of energy production and use.

Long-term strategies for a sustainable development

We implement national and international projects and programmes, provide targeted information campaigns and PR work, and develop strategies for sustainable concepts in the following areas:

  • Energy policy and energy law
  • Energy efficiency, evaluation and monitoring
  • Renewable energy, biomass and renewable resources
  • Models for sustainable energy systems
  • Supply security
  • Climate protection and flexible mechanisms
  • Energy-efficient buildings
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Energy-efficient enterprises
  • Climate-friendly mobility, traffic and transport
  • Research & development
  • Consumer behaviour and technology marketing

Scientific association as a national research facility

The Austrian Energy Agency is the Austrian energy research and policy institution in which the federal and the provincial administration and important institutions and corporations from a variety of economic sectors cooperate. The board of directors comprises the federal minister charged with environmental affairs, the federal minister charged with energy affairs and the chairman of the provincial governors.

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