The Austrian Energy Agency offers answers for a climate-neutral future

The Austrian Energy Agency offers answers for a climate-neutral future. The aim is to organise our lives and economic activities in such a way as to no longer affect our climate. New technologies, efficiency and the use of natural resources, such as sun, water, wind and forests, lie at the heart of the solutions. This ensures that we and our children can live in an intact environment and that ecological diversity is preserved without being dependent on coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear power. This is the missionzero of the Austrian Energy Agency.

More than 80 employees from a wide range of disciplines advise decision-makers in politics, business, administration and international organisations on a scientific basis and provide support in reconstructing the energy system and implementing measures to tackle the climate crisis.

On behalf of the federal government, the Austrian Energy Agency manages and coordinates the climate protection initiative klimaaktiv as well as performs the tasks of the National Energy Efficiency Monitoring Body. The federal government, all federal states, leading companies in the energy and transport sectors, interest groups and scientific organisations are members of this Agency.

Strategic Areas of the Austrian Energy Agency

How do we achieve a climate-neutral future?

A climate-neutral future is fossil-free, ecological and efficient.

Due to the climate crisis, we have to free ourselves from dependency on coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power. This is achieved through the efficient and sustainable use of inexhaustible natural resources such as sun, water, wind and forests.

How does a climate-neutral future work?

A climate-neutral future works in an interconnected, digital and smart way.

In a climate-neutral future, as in nature, which is a model of interconnection, electricity, heat and mobility will also grow together and work in concert. This makes the clean energy system smarter, more efficient and more flexible.

What does the climate-neutral future hold?

A climate-neutral future means prosperity, an intact environment and security.

Markets for renewable energy and climate-friendly mobility become more diverse. This reconstruction of the system guarantees a high level of security of supply. It is designed to be ecologically compatible and socially just. Innovative solutions support people and companies in an intact environment and sustainable economy.

Our services

The Austrian Energy Agency accompanies its customers from politics, economy and administration on their way to the energy future. It develops strategies for a sustainable and secure energy supply, provides consultancy and training, supports implementation and is the networking platform for the energy industry.

  • Expertise and strategic consulting
  • Preparation of materials as basis for decisions
  • Planning and carrying out of national and international projects and studies
  • Development of energy and economic models
  • Market and potential analyses
  • Feasibility studies and evaluations
  • Target group-oriented PR activities, information and campaigns
  • Planning and carrying out of qualification and further training measures
  • Expert publications, conferences and workshops


We as programme manager

The Austrian Energy Agency manages programmes and campaigns, provides advice on energy programmes and participates in various projects as project coordinator or partner. Some long-running and new highlights include:

  • klimaaktiv
  • Austrian Energy Partnerships
  • Programme support for energy-relevant EU programmes
  • Concerted Action Renewables
  • National Energy Efficiency Monitoring Center