The Energy Agency
as a programme manager
The Austrian Energy Agency manages programmes and campaigns, provides advice on energy programmes and participates in various projects as project coordinator or partner. Some long-running and new highlights include:
  • klima:aktiv
  • Austrian Energy Partnerships
  • Programme support for energy-relevant EU programmes
  • Concerted Action Renewables
  • Build up Skills Austria
  • Expertise and strategic consulting
  • Preparation of materials as basis for decisions
  • Planning and carrying out of national and international projects and studies
  • Development of energy and economic models
  • Market and potential analyses
  • Feasibility studies and evaluations
  • Target group-oriented PR activities, information and campaigns
  • Planning and carrying out of qualification and further training measures
  • Expert publications, conferences and workshops
the future
with energy
We advise decision-makers in politics, science, and the industry on the basis of our mainly scientific work. We prepare political, energy and economic expert opinions, economic feasibility analyses, social analyses, feasibility studies, and evaluations.
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