Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Systems for the Russian Industry

Austrian Energy Agency (AEA) supports the Russian Energy Agency (REA)

The Austrian Energy Agency supports the Russian Energy Agency in implementing energy efficiency benchmarking systems for the Russian industries within an UNIDO-project. The developed benchmarking methods were tested in about 100 companies in the following sectors:

  • Oil industry
  • Paper industry
  • Cement industry
  • Industrial bakeries

Links to the Russian benchmarking website:

At the beginning, the AEA experts reviewed the tools developed by the REA and gave their feedback to UNIDO. On 16 March 2017, the AEA presented its experience with energy efficiency benchmarking in Russian industry at a conference in Moscow.

Foto: Conference in Moskow
Credit: Russian Energy Agency

Here you can download the programm.

In September 2017 an international workshop on energy efficiency benchmarking and the results of the project in Vienna will be organized.


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