From “visionzero” to “missionzero”: concrete measures for a fossil-free future

Austrian Energy Agency assists decision-makers in politics, business and administration in designing and implementing concrete measures to make the future fossil-free.

Vienna, 14 January 2019 – The Austrian Energy Agency has updated its strategy “We offer answers for the future of energy”. “It’s clear where we want to go. The vision of a fossil-free future in the long run is beyond doubt. The challenge now is to start implementing this strategy through concrete actions as soon as possible because we would otherwise risk running out of time. Thus, the vision becomes a mission – and in the scope of this missionzero we advise stakeholders in politics, public administration and business”, says Peter Traupmann, Managing Director of the Austrian Energy Agency. As a result, its strategic focus was changed from visionzero to missionzero and approved in the general meeting of the Austrian competence centre for energy in November 2018.

The challenges due to the climate crisis are tremendous and will change both economy and society. “More energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption, the switch to renewable energy sources, refurbishment of buildings, sustainable heating, and clean mobility – to tackle these issues massive investments and innovation are required. At the same time, we can identify a business case in these industries especially for Austrian companies, which are often leaders in sustainable technologies. It is our objective to make the future of energy clean, smart and profitable”, Traupmann says.

According to Traupmann, the regions, municipalities and numerous local businesses are required to get involved in implementing the measures of missionzero. “Creating a fossil-free future is not merely an aspect of the energy system. The future bio-economy strategy and its realisation must entail the replacement of fossil resources with sustainable raw materials,” Traupmann continues. This could include supplanting oil-based plastics with renewable or recyclable raw materials.

smart energy and transformation are the two other cornerstones of the strategy of the Austrian Energy Agency “We offer answers for the future of energy”. The interaction of the diverse components of the future of energy and mobility in the best possible way is the focus of smart energy because integration through digitisation is a key driver to increase the share of renewable energy, the thus needed flexibility of the power system and energy efficiency.

transformation refers to the radical changes in the energy sector due to digitisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation: market entry obstacles break away, sector coupling poses new challenges, but also opportunities, new business models emerge. Customers become “prosumers” and new players enter the market (see the study “Digitisation will change energy industry massively” – “Digitalisierung wird Energiebranche massiv verändern”, available in German only).

“In order to cope successfully with the transformation towards a fossil-fuel free society, exchange and cooperation are crucial, also across industries. As an independent academic institution the Austrian Energy Agency offers the suitable platform for businesses, the public sector, households and decision-makers in the energy industry,” says the managing director of the Austrian Energy Agency, which had already enshrined the focal points of “new technologies, energy-efficient systems and renewable energy sources” in its statutes since its foundation more than 40 years ago (see video, available in German only). These main areas of emphasis are also part of the climate and energy strategy #mission2030 of the Austrian Government, the successful implementation of which will also be supported by missionzero.

You can download a photo of Peter Traupmann, Managing Director of the Austrian Energy Agency, here. It is freely available for editorial purposes if photo credits “Austrian Energy Agency” are quoted.

About the Austrian Energy Agency (AEA)

The Austrian Energy Agency offers answers for the future of energy. We provide scientifically founded advice for decision-makers in politics, business and administration – both nationally and internationally. As a competence centre for energy we concentrate on three strategic areas: missionzero, transformation and smart energy.
Focusing on missionzero the Austrian Energy Agency pursues the long-term objective of building a fossil-fuel free future through strategy development und the implementation of concrete measures. Relating to the transformation of the energy system we consider the associated changes and profitable business opportunities in the energy-relevant sectors. With regard to smart energy we engage in the intelligent and flexible energy system of the digital future.
Our focus lies on promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy sources between the poles of competitiveness, climate and environmental protection, and supply security. The Austrian Energy Agency develops strategies for sustainable and secure energy supply, provides advice and training, and is the networking platform for the energy industry. klimaaktiv, the climate protection initiative launched by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (BMNT) is managed by the Austrian Energy Agency and coordinates the various measures in the areas of mobility, energy saving, construction & renovation and renewable energy. In addition, the Austrian Energy Agency operates the Energy efficiency monitoring body on behalf of the BMNT.

Expert knowledge is required to be able to offer answers for the future of energy. We rely on strategic personnel development to ensure the quality of our work.

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