klimaaktiv - the Austrian climate protection initiative


 klimaaktiv is the Austrian climate protection    initiative launched by the "Federal Ministry of    Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water     Management", embedded in the Austrian    federal climate strategy.

The primary objective of klimaaktiv is to introduce and promote climate friendly technologies and services. Doing so, klimaaktiv changes both Austria’s economy and its everyday life.

Context of klimaaktiv

klimaaktiv is embedded in the Austrian federal climate strategy, consisting of a bundle of measures of regulation, taxes, and subsidies. klimaaktiv has gathered all voluntary and supportive measures under one umbrella. In the four thematic clusters Building, Energy Efficiency, Mobility, and Renewable Energy, specific programmes are carried out by various programme managers of different institutions. These programmes follow a comprehensive and systematic approach in supporting the market introduction of climate-friendly technologies, services and activities.
klimaaktiv follows the idea of market transformation. Market transformation is a targeted effort to change the market. This approach’s main characteristic is an active and comprehensive inclusion of all relevant market players and stakeholders. The main advantages of a market transformation approach are comparably low costs and high sustainable effects. In this case, market transformation aims to raise the share of energy efficient products and services.
The advantage of combining all these various strands under one umbrella brand mainly results from the fact that the instruments used (training, consulting, quality management, networking and awareness campaigns) might differ in content and importance in different market segments but not so much in form. Thus, the individual thematic programmes profit from each other – not only can they learn from their own mistakes but also from others. Vice-versa, success stories will quickly work a circuit and all other programmes can profit.

klimaaktivs core levers

  • Training of klimaaktiv professionals
    klimaaktiv provides the qualifications needed in the thematic programmes and coordinates training and education in the various fields.
  • Setting standards and safeguarding quality
    Young and booming markets often cannot provide for quality. Therefore, klimaaktiv focuses on safeguarding quality by introducing quality standards for products and services and by establishing quality management systems, e.g. for biomass district heating systems or for buildings.
  • Providing information and raising awareness
    klimaaktiv provides online and print information to empower consumers, companies and professionals. klimaaktiv also participates at a lot of events every year.
  • Providing advice and support
    klimaaktiv mainly focuses on offering consulting to companies interested in making their production processes energy efficient, or renovating their facilities, or introducing mobility management, or changing over to energy efficient appliances and IT systems. klimaaktiv provides for the empowerment of the existing consultants by equipping them with new tools, by benchmarking energy efficiency and by offering further training on specific issues to consultants.
  • Activating and networking partners
    Successful climate protection depends on the commitment of existing initiatives and networks as well as on that of the business and the public sector. klimaaktiv aims at bringing these players together and at creating a powerful network for climate protection.
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