What is topprodukte.at?

This internet platform provides information about the most energy-efficient and top-quality products in all relevant areas being offered at the Austrian market at present.

Evaluation & Product Selection

The basis for evaluating products are the existing standards, such as the Energy Star Programme, the energy efficiency label, the Austrian environmental sign, and test reports from accredited test institutes.

Depending on the product category, environmental and quality aspects are evaluated and selection criteria defined, for example as limit values for the consumption of energy, water or emissions. The manufacturers make product information and technical data mostly directly available, which does not, however, influence the selection or evaluation of products. With every update, the criteria are being checked and adapted in order to make sure that the selection criteria always relate to the current product development.

Up-to-date and neutral

topprodukte.at is always up to date and independent. The platform does not pursue any economic interests. The information is updated on a continual basis. The manufacturers and their associations as well as cooperation partners from the sectors of trade, energy supply and public administration do not have any influence on the selection of products or the definition of selection criteria.

Who is behind topprodukte.at?

topprodukte.at is part of klima:aktiv, the climate protection initiative of the Ministry of Life. The internet platform is maintained by experts from the Austrian Energy Agency and continuously updated. This service is supported by the WWF, the Klimabündnis Österreich (Climate Alliance Austria) and also committed partners from the areas of trade and energy supply.