Energy Price Index of the Austrian Energy Agency

The Austrian Energy Agency analyses the monthly calculated energy price index (EPI) for households from the consumer price index (CPI) data of the Austrian Statistics.

CPI and EPI of the past 12 months

Compare the consumer price index (CPI) and energy price index (EPI) of the past 12 months.
[Source: Austrian Statistics]

Pipe-dependent energy carriers of the past 12 months

Compare the pipe-dependent energy carriers (power, gas, district heating) of the past 12 months.
[Source: Austrian Statistics]

Mineral oil products of the past 12 months

Compare the mineral oil products (heating oil, super petrol, diesel fuel) of the past 12 months
[Source: Austrian Statistics]

Crude oil price development (UK-Brent)

Development of the crude oil price (UK-Brent) from December 2004 to May 2013).
[Source: Austrian Statistics]


The Austrian Energy Agency as well as all experts involved in preparing the indices has prepared the calculations as well as the factual comments very carefully. An incorrect transmission/contents cannot, however, be completely excluded. The Austrian Energy Agency does therefore not accept any liability for the contents being correct, complete and up-to-date, in particular with reference to possible indirect or direct damage that may have been caused by directly or indirectly using the offered information.

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