Austrian Gas Price Index – ÖGPI©

The Austrian Energy Agency publishes the Austrian gas price index monthly (ÖGPI©), as a further information service for energy providers and customers. The gas price index reveals how the gas price is developing short term.

The gas price index shows the development of the calculated whole sale prices one month ahead. In addition to the comparable electricity price index (ÖSPI©), the Austrian Energy Agency offers another instrument to make the energy market more transparent.

The calculations, on which the ÖGPI© gas price index is based, refer to many years of price development of various mineral oil products. Apart from the price quotations for diesel and heating oil, the effects of the exchange rate of the euro/US dollar have also been taken into consideration.

As the consumption of natural gas is immediately connected with the heating requirement for buildings, the calculations also include these seasonal aspects.

The gas price index serves as a reference for energy providers as well as information on the price development trend in the natural gas sector for households and smaller commercial customers. The ÖGPI© reflects the energy percentage of the final end consumer price that incorporates the additional network tariffs, taxes and levies. The end consumer price may also divert from the gas price index in its development due to the different price policies of energy providers.

Current development of the ÖGPI©

Development of the Austrian Gas Price Index until July 2013
[Calculations: Austrian Energy Agency]


The Austrian Energy Agency as well as all experts involved in preparing the indices has prepared the calculations as well as the factual comments very carefully. An incorrect transmission/contents cannot, however, be completely excluded. The Austrian Energy Agency does therefore not accept any liability for the contents being correct, complete and up-to-date, in particular with reference to possible indirect or direct damage that may have been caused by directly or indirectly using the offered information.

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