Marking the energy consumption of electrical appliances has become an important instrument for increasing the market acceptance of energy-efficient appliances. The ComeOnLabels project aims to improve the visibility and creditability of EC-energy labels and promote the market for labelled products.

Based upon the new guideline 2010/30/EC regulations, four product groups have been passed:

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
  • Cooling appliances
  • TVs

The old guideline still applies to other appliances (ovens, lighting, air-conditioning and dryers).  

The EC ComeOnLabels project includes various activities all around energy consumption in labelling in sectors such as:

  • Legal bases
  • Appliance testing
  • Displaying the energy label
  • Promoting the energy label
  • Appliance exchange

The Project Website contains further important information and you can also subscribe to the quarterly Newsletter.

The project is coordinated by the energy efficiency centre SEVEn (CZ) – the national contact partner is the Austrian Energy Agency.

Project Dates
ClientEuropean Commission
Project ManagerRoland Hierzinger
Project TeamJulia Gsellmann
Project PartnerEVEn (CZ, Coordinator)
Öko Institut (GER)
Ekodoma (LV)
Brussels Energy Agency (BE)
Projects in Motion (M)
Quercus (P)
Duration12/2010 – 05/2013