Independent experts evaluate your air conditioning system without any expenses (Uafhængige eksperter vurderer dit klimaanlæg uden udgifter)

Data from about 798 cooling systems have already been collected and evaluated. Key statements on the quality of the cooling system are made based on the results, and also optimizing measures are derived from them. In addition, the performances of HVAC systems are compared with similar systems.

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By the end of September 2013, there will be electricity consumption data from more than 1,600 heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems collected within the framework of the IEE project “iSERV” in 20 EU countries. These data will be used as a basis for the design of national and international directives (keyword EPBD, Ecodesign Directive). This has the advantage that decisions are made based on real measured values and would achieve a high level of acceptance in the practice.

HVAC-Operator gains a double benefit from our offer

For participation in this project, the measurement of electricity consumption of at least one component of an air conditioning system with a cooling function is required. This is not an additional expense for you. You only send the existing data (monitoring data) to our experts. They analyse, compare and evaluate the data. From the results the optimization measures are derived and you will receive feedback on the system performance. The data from the energy meter brings you a double benefit. You will also receive a report on the most relevant results of the system review.

Graphics: Austrian Energy Agency / performance of a split unit in a restaurant

"The cooling load is directly proportional to the customer flows". The operator will receive this statement about air conditioning usage and can optimize its processes accordingly (peak on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

iSERV field test monitoring - it is still not too late

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We have also provided further information for you attached and under If we have raised your interest for a free participation in the iSERV project, please contact:

Naghmeh Altmann-Mavaddat
iSERV contact for Denmark
Tel.: 01-586 15 24-128

Project Dates
ClientIEE - Intelligent Energy Europe
Project ManagerOskar Mair am Tinkhof, MSc
Project TeamDI Franz Zach
DI MSc Naghmeh Altmann-Mavaddat
Christoph Ploiner, MSc
Project PartnerCardiff University, UK
K2n Ltd, UK
MacWhirter Ltd, UK
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Griechenland
University of Porto, Portugal
Politecnico di Torino, Italien
Université de Liège, Belgien
Univerza v Ljubljani, Slovenien
University of Pecs, Ungarn
Duration05/2011 – 05/2014