Intelligent Pump

Within the scope of the "Intelligent Pump" project, the total concept of heat pumps will be optimised, with the aim to increase the annual performance factor (JAZ) and also the operational safety of plants; in particular for plants where planning and design faults have been made or where inaccurate use has led to performance failures.

This objective will be achieved by using a remote monitoring system for heat pumps. Thus all potential problem areas will be monitored in future and possible causes for failures recognised in time and rectified.  

The problem areas

The central problem areas include:

  • Requirements to the relevant source of heating (water, ground, air, direct vaporising) respectively demands on the system (heating or delivery system – heating system)
  • Failures due to wrongly designing the heating sources and heating system
  • Hidden faults in components (cooling circuit)
  • Inaccurate use by the user (greatly influences the efficiency and operational safety)

With the maintenance systems available on the market at present, it is not possible to achieve a maximum operational safety of the total system. The many reasons that cause faults or an inefficient operation of the system are not recognised and rectified.  

The system of supervision

The objective of the research project is to develop algorithms based on a graphic programming language, which helps to avoid failures by preventative measures. The algorithms are focused on all problem areas, which the heat pump system may be exposed to.
With the assistance of the supervisory system, the annual performance factor of heat pumps is to be increased and a maximum operational safety of the heat pump system guaranteed.
The supervisory system will be tested during a heating period at selected new and already existing plants.  

An economic energetic ecological evaluation concept

Furthermore, an evaluation concept is being prepared through which the use of a supervisory system is demonstrated taking energetic, economic and ecological criteria into account. To this end, such plants are also examined that do not have a supervisory system.

Project Dates
ClientClimate and energy fund
Project ManagerFranz Zach
Project PartnerOchsner Wärmepumpen GmbH
Duration04/2012 – 09/2014