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Quality is of particular importance in the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings. Construction errors cause excessive energy consumption and loss of indoor comfort. Particularly important for ensuring very low energy consumption are the air-tight building envelope and the diligent installation of insulation, windows and building services (heating, cooling and ventilation). A lack of under­standing of complex interrelations between cross-craft and component-overlapping interfaces is often the reason for construction errors. Therefore NEWCOM aims to impart the needed compe­tence for the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings as well as for the execution of appropriate quality controls by the development of suitable training modules recognized throughout Europe.

Project goal

The primary goal of the NEWCOM project is to ensure the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings. For this purpose, it is necessary to increase the quality of the building construction and to avoid corresponding construction errors. NEWCOM develops training modules for blue collar workers and building inspectors. This increases both the competence in building construction and the transparency of the quality of work.

NEWCOM means:

  • Identification and development of necessary training modules
  • Increase of competence of building professionals as well as of transparency of the work quality in the construction of energy efficient buildings
  • Creating a basis for the European-wide recognition of the developed training modules
  • Generating market demand for competent skilled workers in building construction.

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Here you can find the latest report:

- Analysis of Market Barriers towards Cross-Craft Training Schemes

- Evaluation Report on Existing Certification Schemes and Organisations

- Summary Report on National Certification strategies

- Summary Report on National certification strategies for building inspections

Project Dates
ClientEuropean Commission
Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
Project ManagerGeorg Trnka
Project TeamNaghmeh Altmann-Mavaddat
Gabriele Möhring
Project PartnerAEA – Austrian Energy Agency (Lead partner)
EASt – Styrian Energy Agency
17&4 – Consultant for Sustainable Development
ÈMI – Non-profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building
VECC – ViaEuropa Competence Centre
TNO – Innovation for life
ISSO – Dutch Knowledge Centre for the building and building services sector
Duration09/2017 – 09/2020