Goals of the project

The project goals are defined by

  • Stimulating the increased uptake of EPC recommendations
  • Developing the use of EPCs or similar tools as a market driver for step by step refurbishment
  • Providing data to improve compliance with EPC recommendations
  • 1% of all owner occupiers in each country will use the “hub tool”, and of these 4% will undertake a major energy efficiency retrofit as a result of using the tool.

Expected impacts of Request2Action by 2020 are seen in increasing the number of countries with effective monitoring regimes as well as increased levels of uptake of step by step retrofit measures, development and delivery of long term low carbon retrofit plans and improved use of housing stock data, including data from EPCs.

Opportunities of the project Request2Action result of

  • Bringing together market actors trough a “one-stop-shop” model
  • Informing the supply-side market actors about where the best retrofit opportunities lie for different communities, types of home and householders
  • Targeting local authorities in their growing role to support delivery of retrofit
  • Enhancing existing tools and bringing together online resources for home owners
  • The hubs can act as trusted meeting platforms, bringing together demand and supply in the market for retrofit products and services

It is important to mention that monitoring of EPC recommendations is not yet developed across Europe and this project will support the development of EPC and retrofit monitoring activities in partnership with governments.

The interface for the klimaaktiv building declaration

The Austrian Energy Agency has created an interface between the EPC-tool GEQ and the klimaaktiv Declaration Platform. This makes the klimaaktiv building declaration for planning or construction companies considerably easier and saves time. 80% of the required data input is done with just one click.

The procedure is described in more detail in the information sheet and is available in the download area.

For further information on this project, please contact Project Manager DI MSc Naghmeh Altmann-Mavaddat (
naghmeh.altmann(at) and the project website

Project Dates
ClientExecutive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
Project ManagerNaghmeh Altmann-Mavaddat
Project TeamNicole Hartl
Gabriele Möhring
Christof Horvath
Project PartnerEST – The Energy Saving Trust Ltd by guarantee
ADENE – Portuguese Energy Agency
KAPE – The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency
ENEA – Italian national Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development
SIEA – Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency
NL Agency – Ministry of Economic Affairs
CRES – Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Savings
VITO – Flemish Institute for Technological Research
Duration04/2014 – 06/2017