Transition to low carbon households: Catching rebound effects, market imperfections and policy interactions
Concerted Action supporting the transposition and implementation of Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (RES Directive) CA-RES
Smart Metering is a new electronic measuring technology, continuously registering individual energy consumption and contributing to improve the invoicing system and also to informing the customers in detail about their energy consumption at any time. The objective of the "SmartRegions" EU project is to support the innovative Smart Metering Services, such as informative invoices and feedbacks, variable tariffs and load control, enabling people to save energy and supporting the net integration of renewable energy sources.
Local administrations, due to their closeness to the citizens, are particularly suitable to combine public and private interests amicably. It is also they who determine local development targets and reinforce the use of renewable energies as well as sustainably influencing the implementation of energy efficient measures in their communities and thus actively contribute to achieving their own set of climate and energy targets.
The objective of the “LCA Nuclear“ project promoted by the climate and energy funds is to evaluate different lifecycle analyses (LCAs) of nuclear energy regarding their details about energy surplus (kWh/kg natural uranium) and greenhouse gas emissions (g CO2/kWh).
The energy efficiency monitoring point makes energy saving visible. It measures and analyses developments in energy efficiency in Austria.
The programme "Intelligent Energy – Europe" (IEE) is a part programme within the framework programme for competitiveness and innovation (CIP) and represents the most important instrument of the Community to overcome non-technical obstacles that oppose a comprehensive efficient use of energy and the wider use of new and renewable energy sources.
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