The project CATCH provides a comprehensive evaluation how energy efficiency technologies and policies impact private energy consumption, private welfare, the economy and the environment. CATCH analyses why certain rebound effects and market imperfections occur and gives Austrian decision makers based on these insights recommendations on adjusting and expanding current policies in order to tap their full potential for long-term reductions in carbon emissions. CATCH aims to understand the barriers for implementing energy efficiency technologies, assess the rebound effect induced by specific energy efficiency technologies in households and analyses why previous energy efficiency policies have performed differently than expected and how these insights can be incorporated in policy design.

A Review Paper analysing energy efficiency policy options for their effectiveness at countering rebound effects were analysed. In particular, the building, transport and appliance sectors were looked at. Out of this analysis, recommendations and conclusions for Austria were developed.

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Project Dates
ClientClimate and Energy Fund
Project TeamShruti Athavale, MSc (AEA)
Karina Knaus, PhD (AEA)
Project PartnerJOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
Austrian Energy Agency (AEA)
Duration12/2014 – 08/2017