come2CoM - Promoting the Covenant of Mayors

Local administrations, due to their closeness to the citizens, are particularly suitable to combine public and private interests amicably. It is also they who determine local development targets and reinforce the use of renewable energies as well as sustainably influencing the implementation of energy efficient measures in their communities and thus actively contribute to achieving their own set of climate and energy targets.

For this reason and with reference to the EU Energy and Climate Package passed in December 2008, the Covenant of Mayors - CoM - was founded in 2008.

"come2CoM" is dedicated to disseminating the Covenant of Mayors

The Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) project, "come2CoM", started on 1st May 2010, contributes to spread the CoM by which further towns and communities are motivated to join the Covenant to support towns and communities that have already joined, to fulfil their obligations towards the Covenant.

The come2CoM project partners will assist the towns and communities, especially in setting up action plans for sustainable energies (“Sustainable Energy Action Plans – SEAP”) by advising them for example, on possible instruments for setting up action plans. SEAP serves to determine specific CO2-reducing targets and to define concrete measures taken by local administrations to achieve this goal by 2020. The action plans must be approved by the municipal council and presented to the Covenant within one year of joining.

The Covenant of Mayors  – an Initiative for Communities of all sizes

By the beginning of 2010 more than 1,600 towns and communities had already joined the Covenant of Mayors. Thus, more than 140 million citizens had already been mobilised. The undersigned represent communities of all sizes, from small villages to cities such as London or Paris. By joining, they are committing to implement ambitious measures in the areas of renewable energies and energy efficiency that are defined by the communities themselves in a special action plan for sustainable energies (Sustainable Energy Action Plan - SEAP). Implementation of these measures is evaluated in regular intervals.

The target being to achieve and surpass the EU 20-20-20 targets such as:

  • increase the energy efficiency by 20%;
  • increase the proportion of renewable energy sources of end-user consumptions to 20%; and
  • reduce the CO2 emissions by 20% compared to 1990;

at community levels.

The towns’ respective communities will benefit from being a member of the CoM by:

  • publicly committing themselves to reducing the CO2 emissions in their areas by at least 20%;
  • becoming part of an European initiative, enjoying the complete support of European decision makers;
  • being able to use the CoM as a European network for exchanging information and experiences;
  • using the platform of the CoM to present their own success in the area of climate protection; and
  • making the community’s activities known beyond the borders of their own community and present outstanding successes on the CoM website.

At the same time, the communities commit to:

  • set up an emission inventory for recording the ACTUAL situation, being the basis for the CO2 reduction objective and the action plan for sustainable energy (SEAP);
  • present this to the SEAP within one year of having officially joined and which ideally will have been developed by involving the citizens within the community;
  • establish a report of implementation every second year according to the prerequisites of the SEAP, documenting the implementation measures;
  • organise energy days in order to mobilise citizens and local lobbies as well as to present experiences and pass on know-how to other communities; and
  • actively participate in the annual EU conferences of mayors.
Project Dates
ClientIntelligent Energy - Europe (IEE)
Project ManagerMag. Andrea Jamek
Project PartnerB.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH (Coordinator; Germany)
KAPE (Poland)
ESS (Sweden)
ECNet (Denmark)
SPES (Italy)
AESS (Italy)
ZRMK (Slovenia)
SEVEn (Czech Republic)
BBL (Belgium)
SWEA (Great Britain)
ADENE (Portugal)
Duration05/2010 – 04/2012