Energy efficiency monitor

As a central monitoring agency for energy efficiency, we, on behalf of the BMWFJ, continuously establish energy savings from actual measures, evaluate the measures with transparent, retraceable methods and report to Brussels and publish information in Austria.

The work of the energy efficiency monitoring agency comprises:

  • measuring and calculating achieved energy savings;
  • documenting these savings, to show Austrian’s progress with regard to the achievement according to the final energy efficiency and energy services guideline (2006/32/EG) and in comparison with other member states; and
  • analysing the connections regarding the overall energy efficiency, in order to be able to face future challenges of a growing requirement in energy services.

The results are documented on the website

Further information on figures, dates, facts and background information on:

  • the energy efficiency development in the sectors of household, industry, services and traffic;
  • energy efficiency measures taken by the federal government, counties and communities as well as energy distributors, distribution net operators and energy trading companies;
  • methods to evaluate measures; as well as
  • foundations for an energy efficiency policy;

can be found on the website.