DibiCoo supports the market uptake of European biogas and biomethane technologies at emerging markets by capacity building and matchmaking of supply and demand and the development of concrete good practice projects. The project is part of the ‘Secure, clean and efficient energy’ initiative of the European Commission under the EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020.
The Renewable Action Plan Vienna is a strategy and measure plan, following the SEP (Energy Efficiency Plan for Towns), serving as a conceptual frame for implementing renewable energy carriers in Vienna, by considering specific aspects of being integrated into existing systems (e.g. district heating).
Working out a decision basis that contains technical as well as legal bases and which can be applied to implement processes for CCS-Technologies in Austria.
At present, the heat energy from warm water production in households and industry disappears in the sewerage, unused. The objective of this project is to closer investigate the heat recovery from waste water by means of heat pumps in Austria. There already exist many such projects in Switzerland and Germany. According to studies, about 5% of buildings can thus be supplied with heat.
Since 2003, the Austrian Energy Agency has been collecting data about public spending on energy research in Austria, commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology.
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