4BIOMASS - Bio-Energy Networking in Central Europe

Biomass will contribute an essential part of 20% to the renewable energies of energy consumption until 2020 and the demand for biomass will rise. Under the title of "4BIOMASS – Fostering the sustainable usage of renewable energy sources in Central Europe – putting biomass into action!" a three-year EU project started in February 2009 with the aim to advance the sustainable use of bio-energy in Central Europe. Financing was realised by the European Funds for Regional Development (EFRD) within the scope of the programme "Central Europe". Altogether there are 16 project partners from "Central Europe"-countries, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and also the Ukraine taking part in this project.

The current starting positions of the individual countries regarding the bio energy differ. Therefore, 4BIOMASS places its emphasis on the transfer of know-how and networking. The information exchange on available technologies for using biomass, via successful investment projects etc. aims to encourage the participating countries and regions to implement the so far unused biomass potential. Sustainability is a major issue. 

Each country participating in this project is introduced with a country profile and selected bio-energy projects on the internet platform www.4biomass.eu. There will furthermore be a database on the 4BIOMASS website with various technologies for using biomass. Print materials and a series of excursions to particularly interesting demonstration projects supplement the public relation work and support the transfer of know-how.

Project Dates
ClientEU Programme "Central Europe"
European Regional Development Fund ERDF
Project ManagerKerstin Schilcher, MA
DI Johannes Schmidl
Project PartnerAGH, PL
CZ Biom, CZ
EC Hungary, HU
Duration12/2008 – 05/2012