Eco-Driving Initiative

Apart from reducing the traffic and shifting traffic as well as technological developments, there is a need to introduce an economic way of driving (in combination with behaviour-influencing measures) in an easily achievable way, without incurring great political resistance and also without incurring immense costs, in order to oppose the trend of increasing CO2 emissions in traffic.

Training for energy-efficient driving

Since 2004, the Austrian Energy Agency has been commissioned with the programme management of the "klima:aktiv mobil" eco-driving initiative. The programme’s objective is to promote energy-efficient driving in Austria. Driving in a way that saves petrol reduces the petrol consumption by 5-15 %. Apart from reducing the CO2 emissions, an efficient way of driving also increases drivers’ safety in traffic.

Programme objectives

  • Setting up a nationwide eco-driving competition (2004-2008)
  • Integrating eco-driving driving styles and tests in the driving schools
  • Offers for eco-driving training sessions for passenger cars
  • Offers for eco-driving training sessions for lorries
  • Information on alternative engines and fuels

Programme successes

  • 15,000 drivers have accepted the offer of the eco-driving initiative
  • Concluded target agreements with companies and public administrations on more than 15,000 tons of CO2.
  • eco-driving training sessions for 2,800 drivers of the ÖBB Postbus AG (target agreement: 5,000 tons CO2).
  • Further training regarding the eco-driving issue for 4,600 train drivers of the ÖBB Traktion GmbH (target agreement: 2,600 tons of CO2).
  • Drafting a certification system and a "Training Manual for passenger cars" in cooperation with the association of Austrian driving schools for passenger cars.
  • Drafting a certification system and a "Training manual for commercial vehicles" in cooperation with the association of Austrian driving schools, ÖAMTC, ARBÖ and ÖBB Postbus.
  • Setting up an Austrian network with 400 certified eco-driving trainers.
  • Start of the "Saving Petrol with Tractors" programme.
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